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As you may be able to tell by now, writing scripts is my s***. I’m a working screenwriter with a love for quirky, thematically driven genre stories. I’ve been working in the film industry for over two years now, as a sound assistant, boom operator, and screenwriter. Maybe you’ve seen one of the shows below that I’ve worked on!

What Have I Written and What Am I Working On?

My Arch Victim Supernatural Horror/Comedy TV Pilot

After a vengeful spirit takes possession of his victim mid kill, a first-time slasher partners with the spirit’s now immortal host to remove the ghastly ghoul before the bonding process completes.

Return To Sender Fantasy Road Trip Feature

In an attempt to save his dying relationship, a socially inept slacker finds a way to adopt a literal monster baby, sparking a cross country road trip to return it before someone dies or all their money runs dry.

Alienation Grounded Sci-fi Thriller Feature

When a sheltered teenager meets her alienated father behind her mother’s back, decades of family lies and secrets bubble to the surface.

Devil’s Ink Supernatural Drama TV Pilot

To save his niece from a life-altering disease, her grieving guardian makes a deal with the devil to kill the seven personifications of each deadly sin.

The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank Crime Drama Spec Pilot

Fully committed to his violent vigilante ways as the Punisher, Frank Castle sparks a one-man war on organized crime, unintentionally inspiring a brand new form of criminal, Punisher successors.

Under the Knives Medical Horror/Thriller Short

To atone for his past mistakes, a young man participates in an experimental procedure that will help “change the world”, but not in the way he was expecting.

A Cut Above The Rest Slapstick Comedy Short

An older gentleman and a fresh-faced barber try to complete their first haircut while upholding social distancing laws to extreme detail.

Shade Drama Thriller Short

Desperate to fill her empty room, a financially strained college student allows a mysterious masked individual to live with her, dealing with the strange and creepy situations that follow.

If you’re thinking to yourself “What the f*** did I just read?” when reading any of the loglines, you’re in the right place! I encourage you to reach out and I’ll send the scripts to read!

choose as many as you want!

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