What’s my story?

Born and raised into a faith-based household, I was fully immersed in my family’s religious beliefs. Growing up, all I really knew or understood were the lessons from the church. Other than my time in school and sports teams, I was isolated from the rest of the world. There were only two ways I felt I should perceive things; black and white. Good and evil. With that thought in my mind, it was really hard to make friends, and even harder to keep them. Relationships outside of the faith were frowned upon, and

I constantly felt like I had to save people from their “ungodly” ways.

To sum things up, I felt like an outsider. Alone, with nothing but my thoughts and imagination. For some, that sounds like torture, but for me, it was my safe place. My sanctuary.

In this world of mine, I could do whatever I wanted. Whether I was creating mini adventures with my legos, recreating epic lightsaber battles, or imagining myself living within Sunday school stories, I loved creating a safe space to play, to dream, to create my own answers to life’s questions. As I grew older, movies and tv shows began to have a greater impact on my creative conscience. In high school, I took a class where we got to make our own movies and quickly realized that I could be doing this for a living. I knew from that moment on that telling stories through a medium I loved was what I was going to do the rest of my life. 

After graduation, I jumped at the chance to go to film school and pursue this exciting career path. I had to travel across the province to do it, but man was it worth it. Once I was there, writing and directing immediately took my interest, and thanks to my school’s practical learning, I got to write and direct a lot of projects, exploring the gray areas of life I couldn’t even glance at before. Life was good, I finally had some sort of confidence in who I was and where I wanted to be. As my second year started, I experienced some of my first criticisms in this field, both unintentionally through my crew, and mentally while facing that issue. Instead of pushing through it, I panicked. I began to doubt myself and my abilities. Instead of following my gut, I pursued many different film jobs after graduation including some stints as an actor, production assistant, sound recordist, and boom operator. Although it wasn’t writing, I was getting myself out there, and after three years out of school, I was able to work full time on some big productions in Toronto, including the TV shows, Coroner, New Eden, and The Parker Andersons/Amelia Parker.

Even though I was working in the industry that I loved, I knew that my career trajectory was leaving me anxious and unfulfilled.

Luckily for me, my big break was coming, it just took a global pandemic to bring it out. After spending two months locked inside my basement apartment, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for something to happen, I went back to my roots and began to write. It started with one short film, then another one, then another. My passion came back to me. My reason for existence was confirmed once again, and this time, I was going to hold on tight to that dream. From that moment onward, I picked up my pen every day, writing whatever crazy ideas I was thinking of, letting myself just write. By Christmas, I had written 3 short films, two television pilots, and a feature film. As of today, I can officially say I am living my dream. I get to share my passions with others, exploring different ideas, meeting interesting people, and creating stories within the best industry ever! I can’t wait to share my love of story with the world, starting with you.

What’s With All The Za Man?

Great question, reader! As much as I’d love to say I’m sponsored by a giant pizza chain, that isn’t the case, yet. I have just loved pizza all my life. When I think of movies, pizza is often next on my mind. Growing up, my family and I would have a weekly tradition called “Pizza Movie Night”, where we’d rent the latest movie from the local video store, grab a box or two of pizza, and enjoy some quality time together. From that first film we watched and that first slice I ate, my imagination and wonder grew tenfold. I want to share those same thoughts and emotions with the stories that I tell. I want my audience to not just have a good time at the movies, but enjoy it with the people they care about. 

Other than the mushy aspect, Pizza is a representation of who I am creatively. Much like this tasty treat, my medium is telling stories in a visual way, so movies, tv, short films, etc. Each project, like the many varieties of pizza, has its own “toppings”, with some of my favorites including supernatural sausage, horrific jalapeno, fantastical fungi, and sci-fi spinach. Sometimes I mix and match toppings, such as having a “pizza” made with a mixture of my spiciest jalapeno, along with some comedic cheddar cheese to create the horror/comedy My Arch Victim. These are just some of the exciting combinations I’ve been cooking up, and I’m excited to share these story za’s with the rest of the world.

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