My name is Adam and I’m a writer based in Toronto, Canada for hire.

I use writing to tell your stories with important themes in a fun and entertaining way.

But are you wondering, why me?

I have knowledge in screenwriting features, short films, TV, and documentaries, as well as the behind-the-scenes story development, production, and budget.

I’m a goal-oriented person with a lot of passion for creating the best stories. I know how precious time can be especially after working on sets. I treat my freelance writing as a business and work great with timelines and people just like you!

I’ve been lucky enough to receive recognition for my writing across multiple platforms. Some contests include:

  • 2021 – On the Coverfly Red List for My Arch Victim (Blacklist variant exclusively on Coverfly platform)
  • 2021 – Quarter-Finalist – Screenwriters Network Screenplay Competition – My Arch Victim
  • 2020 – Semi-Finalist – Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition – Under the Knives
  • 2018 – Semi-Finalist – ReelHeART International Screenplay Competition – Under the Knives

When you hire me, not only will you get someone who knows how to write, but also:

  • A copywriter. Every word I write has meaning and a purpose to propel the story forward.
  • An editor. I have great attention to detail and always give honest feedback.
  • A collaborator. I work well with others and love talking about different ideas. I would love to hear what you’re thinking about!

Interested in working together?

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