How Can I Help You?

Who I Am

I’m an up-and-coming screenwriter inspired by yesterday’s folklore, today’s monsters, and tomorrow’s misadventures, creating imaginative, bold, and thematically strong stories for a morbidly curious audience.

I’ve written over 25 scripts, edited over 30 scripts, and conceptualized 15 original ideas in the last year alone.

What I Do

I specialize in everything entertainment from large-scale feature films to small-scale content posts. I’m here to help you jazz up, spice up, and strengthen your amazing ideas or simply help you get your story onto the page and start the process. I enjoying working on different projects like:

  • Writing feature-length, television, and short-form screenplays
  • Creating personalized and exciting Development materials
  • Content creation for websites, blogs, podcasts, and youtube videos

How I Do It

With the expertise, I’ve gained over the years from working on film sets I not only know how to put together a great script, but I can also help with the budget, production viability, and development.

Have you watched a show I’ve worked on?